Saturday, March 30, 2013

Just a little post


   Saturday thank goodness ...
  stopped by Starbucks for some WiFi.
  If I had to live on the moon I would
  be fine if I had WiFi. Joking.
   Anyway, how are all of my followers? I know I have not been posting a lot lately as I mentioned in my last post ... well, second before last post. :)

  Life it good here.

  I'm alive.

  My family is alive.

  And I have a living God.


  Can you feel the thrill I am feeling in this picture?

 All right, I know I look like I am going to completely get sick but that is VERY much beside the point. The point is that that ride was awesome. :)

  I was going up a hill so who could blame me for being a bit ... well ... um ... scared?!

  All off topic.

  But I really do not have a topic as of now.

I know right?!

 So just stopped in to say hello.

 Hope you all are having a wonderful day.

  And isn't that picture of my little sis soooooo dramatic. It is like she is in a movie. :)

 Anyway, have a good one poeples.

 Your very much devoted:


 P.S.  Just a little something for you all. This girl is so talented and amazing. Please check out her YouTube channel here. I have to say I like her older violin vids better. :)
  The song she is playing/singing is from "Lord of the Rings" ... it is rather the melody from them though ... just watch it!!

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