Monday, June 24, 2013

I Am Really Gonna Post Pictures!!!!

  Seriously guys and gals, this to Arkansas trip has been such a wonderful experience!!!!!! Everyone has been so wonderful and kind. 

  Never fear though .... will post when I am able to get pictures (and when I get home and all) and also tell you guys all about the trip.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Arkansas, here I come!

 So I got up this morning ( at 5:00 ) and got dressed, and headed out with the fam .... And we are off to Arkansas!! 

  We have been going for about 5 hours, and been through 4 states so far ... We are driving, BTW! And it is so great and exciting. It is beautiful here and the weather is so much like my home state (won't tell for privacy)!

  More about our trip when I get some good pictures and I hopefully have WIFI! :}


P.S. The pic below is just something too funny I had to share with you all! Bhahahahahahahbahahah! *snicker snort*

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Fishin' Trip and Mocha Frappes

  Hello, hello! So, have been spending some awesome time with my family lately and have not been very free to post anything, but here if just a little post about our fishing trip (a.k.a. the dreaded, hot fishing trip).

   The little pond went to was so cute!! The elderly man who let us use it is an old family friend and he was so nice. Only ...

... the 1st fish caught was, indeed,  caught by my little brother (the guy in the green shirt)
and it was pretty funny, let me tell yah! And by the way, it was the only fish caught by ANYONE!
I think the fish were hotter than us. LOL!

   Showing off his prize was the funniest. Not sure what my little sister was doing ... I think she may have thought I was taking a picture of her instead of the "great sportsman". HEHE!

  Overall the trip was fun ... and tiring! but who cares.

 Oh, and I almost threw my arm out in my very sad attempt to cast, and my eldest brother starting laughing like it was the funniest thing in the world.

 Oh, well! At least he had a good laugh.



I and my sister as "evening shadows".
 My brother saw this picture and started laughing ...

How should I know! Guess he thought the fact we look fifty feet tall was amusing ... and he is three so I guess he is entitled to his laughing. :P

   And there is the Abilaine trying to not get in the sun (as usual). Guess I am scared of getting sunburned like a LOBTER.


And is anyone else quite in love with McDonnal's mocha frappes? 
  Notice how my font go huge ... hehe!

  But seriously these are so good ... my parents say they are better than the ones from Starbucks.
  And I usually do not drink coffee of any kind ... but I do get the frappe when I go out ... sometimes.

So bye ya'll!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Abilaine Cottage Photography ~ Prairie Gal

This is just a little photo shoot I did with my sister a few days ago ... 

 "Prairie Gal" ~Abilaine Cottage Photography ~ Model: My little sister Sarah ~

My favourite!

We were actually filming a little film at that time ... and they were acting in this one.
*Please do NOT use any of these pictures without my OK!*

    Guest Posting for Analiese

     So, I have guest posted on a very sweet young ladies blog today. Please go and check out her blog here ... and if you like Lucy Pevensie from the Narnia books/movies go and read my guest post. :D

    Saturday, June 1, 2013

    Just a little post about life ...

    One of the beautiful evenings we have had lately ...
    All right.

     This really cannot get anymore awkward than it is!

     I have not posted anything in for a very long time. I am very sure you guys have given up on me, and   yet here I am.

     Let's fill in some gaps.

     My family and I have been making some changes in our home. As in  ... getting closer to the Lord ...praying together more ... studying the Bible ... watching less movies and having more time for family ....  and just building Christian character in general.

     And it is not easy.

      And it never will be "easy" to take a stand in what you believe when so many others do the opposite. And one of the things I want to be able to do is not let what others are doing to come between myself and my parents, and my God.

      For a long while I have been very concerned about what people think of me  (and I know that I will always have that struggle no matter what) ... it has been the question of, "Should I do this even though it is wrong?" or, "I think this will go against what I know is right ... but I am going to see what happens anyway because "they" [yep ... that nerve racking word "they"] are doing it".

     The list goes on.

     I have a problem with being determined in something I am going to do or something I have wanted to NOT do. It is something I struggle with and with God's help I will overcome it. So I have come up with this list that I am going to refer to, to answer the questions I have in everyday life.

     It is not exactly a formal list but just one that I believe will help me with some everyday struggles I have. It is based on what little bit I know of what God wants me to do ... I am still learning and growing in the Lord, with the help of my wonderful parents. :)

    (1. Would I do this if Jesus was right here watching me?
    (2. Am I doing this just because someone else is doing it ... and will it lead someone else (or myself) into bad influences?
    (3. Will what I am doing encourage myself and/or others to honour God?
    (5. Is what I am thinking, thoughts I would be perfectly fine with sharing with my family and/or parents?
    (6. Do I abstain from the appearance of evil when I am on the computer, on the Internet, or in a mall or store (that has trashy signs, papers, or magazines)?
    (7. Have I read my Bible and/or prayed today?

     There are a lot more things I could add to this and I probably will add to it.

     I am not just writing this for a good post or anything. These things are things I want to do or refrain from doing.

     I want to stand up for what I know is right without being afraid that people may shun me for doing it ... and really if they do shun me for doing what I know is right, that would only prove that they are not really interested in me as a person (and Christian) but in what I participated in with them as their "buddy".

      That is not always going to happen I know but I just want to be ready if/when that happens. I want to get my shield (Jesus and my parents) ready and up so when that happens people's comments and actions will not injure me. Sure it will hurt ... but it will not "injure" me as in leading me to think, "Well, maybe I should have just gone along with the sin [or whatever it maybe] to keep the peace with so-n-so over there."

     It may happen in forty years from now, it may happen next week, but I want to be ready when any struggle may come up. I am not ready for a lot of things. Hey, but it is great to know that I've got my parents and my Jesus to help me through it all. :D

    Also, I would be greatly encouraged and thankful if you guys would pray for me in my battle.

     I hope this post didn't get too much. :P
     Have a great weekend -

    P.S.  If you guys have anything to share please feel free. :)
    P.S.S.  OH! And I am hopefully gonna post a review on Monday.