Friday, November 30, 2012

I got tagged ... (and I am plumb full of silliness!)

 I have been tagged by Storyteller. Goody gumdrops ....... *evil grin*  This is my chance to be as random as it gets. Oh, yeah!
  Anyway ...

- If you are tagged/nominated, you must post eleven facts about yourself. 
1)  This is the second time I got this ...
2) ... and the first time I got I actually never answered it ....
3) ...... Um, and I think I am suppoused to post it on my other blog ....
4) ... plus this is really discourging because it reminds that I have not posted on that blog for like .....
5) ............. like FOREVER!  
6) .... and I really think you guys may think I am crazy....
7) .... or maybe you think I'm weird ...
8) ....... or maybe you think I am foolish ....
9) ... and, wow! I am really rattling on about nothing ....
10) .... so I am going to end in saying ...
11) .... I think you guys are awesome!

(I should write a song with those lines. Most songs now days sound almost like that. he he!)

1.What is your favorite holiday?  Hard. No that is not my  favorite holiday ... just saying it is a hard question. :) I guess Christmas.
2. Do you prefer hot or cold weather? Hum ... a nice comfortable in the middle. 
3. Which country would you like to visit? E.N.G.L.A.N.D.
4. Vanilla or chocolate? vanilla ... lets not go into the chocolate ice cream ordeal please. 
5. Describe the perfect ice cream sundae. Nuts. Bananas. Chocolate. Spinkles.  All the trimmings.   
6. Would you rather attend a ball, eat something very unusual, solve a mystery that puzzles even Sherlock Holmes, or break the world record of the most books read in one year? Either attend a ball or solve a mystery Sherlock could not. Nice comdination, don't ya'll think? 
7. Breakfast or just coffee? Breakfast.
8. What is your favorite era in history? Probably the civil war 
9. Do you have any kind of accent when you speak? I don't think I do ... *feeling concious* LOL!
10. Is it soda or pop? POP!
11. Name 11 of your hobbies.  Dancing around - writing - blogging - reading - drawing - movie watching - laughing - designing blogs - drinking cocoa - commenting on great posts ... I have to any to count! 

- Next, tag eleven more bloggers

Poem Girl
Miss Elizabeth
Piano Bookworm

I cannot think of anyone else. And I always seem to say that. =)

Love you guys!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Scrumptious Blog Award


 I am in a very random mood today so I created the "Scrumptious Blog Award" for you guys. So here are the rules:

1:  When you receive the award you must post about it on your blog and leave a link to my blog.
2:  Answer all the questions to the tag below.
3:  Do not award anyone who has more than one hundred followers.
4:  Come up with ten questions for the tag.
5:  Keep your questions clean and refrain from using bad language. 
6:  Tag 5 to 10 people.
Just something random...
But don't you just love that movie!

Now for the tag:

1) Do you prefer your blog to have a rustic Victorian look or a more modern fun look - or does it really matter to you?
2) Tea (or coffee) or coke?
3) Would you rather attend a masquerade ball or just have your friend over for a sleep over?
4) When you think about the word "scrumptious" what comes to mind first?
5) Would you rather go to England or New York City?
6) A bun or a simple ponytail (do not answer this if you are a boy)? 
7) What do you think you look like (just give a quick summary of yourself)? 
8) What kind of books and movies do you like best?
9) A ten-course meal or a hamburger?
10)  Do you like tags?

I tag:

Poem Girl
Miss Elizabeth

(I'm pressed for time so I only could think of 6)

SIDE NOTE: If you have not followed Generation Gazette please do so here. It is awesomely ran by Storyteller and a few others that have just started to contribute to it (I am one of them).

God Bless you all,


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My designing blog

                        Hello! I have created another blog. So please go check it out here.
                          New posts coming soon.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sunday, November 11, 2012


  Sorry for the horrid delay in me posting anything.
 I am having a very busy week. Full of fun and frolic.
  Easy enough to say I am stomped.

 So fall is officially here and I am fully excited. Cold creeps in everywhere now, and long sleeves feel great, and boots are so cool, and ... I'll just stop with the boots are cool. :)
  So here are some sweet pictures I found off Pinterest (yes, I pin) and they include of the following: old movie fan-girl antics, coffee, kitties, sweaters, and ME!


A must try

So want to try this some day


"Rub my tummy ... just rub my tummy!"

"Who ever woke me up is gonna die...!"

"I wuv you."

"Gaze into my eyes."


MoRe coffee

"We are siamese if you please..."

Sweet sweater

beautiful leaves



The BBC Emma 2009

This part is so good and I cry so hard ... 


So cool!

*SNORT*  Sounds like something she would say to Mr. Darcy!

And, yes, I am a crazy fan of the above movie. ;)