Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Prayer Request

... because I am feeling very industrious! =D 
This morning my dad had a little devotional time with us at out breakfast table (as always) about trusting the Lord, about slowly learning things with the Lord's help.

 And it was wonderful -- even though my dad incorporated dreaded algebra in with it. =D Don't ask ... please. hehe!

  I guess it reawakened something in me. ;) I have been feeling a pull, a conviction lately that I need to read my Bible more. It is something I have been wanting to do, but I always seem to get doing something else, and "cannot" do it. 

  Which really means that I "won't" do it. 

  Anyone else feel this way?

  I need strength to come closer to my Lord. Lately I have been needing Him more than ever ... since we are moving. :) I mean I really have a peace about our move, and I know the Lord is leading my dad to lead his family down the right path. I am truly blessed beyond words that I have such a great Poppa and such an amazing Lord Jesus Christ for my God -- the one true God. 

  So will you guys please remember me in your prayers?! I really would be so blessed if you would. Please pray that I will read my Bible more and pray more. I know that is what I need to do ... so, with the Lord's help, I am gonna do it!

... And for some CUUUUUUUUUUTE!!

hehe! just had to!

Sunday, July 28, 2013


  No, not really. Hehe!

  Yea! I just saw Despicable Me 2!! With my sweet bestie (check out her blog here), and her sis and my sis - but (of course) we brought our dates ... a.k.a.  our awesome dads. LOL!

  It was the perfect sequel to the first Despicable movie. =D So perfect in every way!! I really suggest anyone seeing it if you have seen the first one. 

  And of course the minions were (almost) the best part in the whole thing. 
Besides the ending!!! *excited smile*

 And there is me and Marissa (my bestie)! She is on the left and me on the right. Note to self -- never take pics in a movie theatre. Hehe! 

  Thanks so much dearest Marissa. Had a blast with you guys.
  And a BIG thanks to my poppa for setting the whole thing up. :) Going to the theatre is something that is very rare for me or my family ... seeing I am a Christian most of the movies that play are not ones that I would go to see or even want to see. :)


  Had such a great time!!


Monday, July 22, 2013

Moving and Whatnot

So for those of you who do not know yet ... we are moving.

Really, truly, and awesomely we are moving to Arkansas. :D *excited*

 I am so very elated about the whole deal. But packing everything up, and cleaning everything, and not getting a lot of free time (not even to speak about sleep ...) is a little trying on everyone in my family. Hey, at least we are getting through the whole thing without completely passing out. hehe!

My little sister got into the jelly (obviously)!!
  However, everything is going very, VERY smoothing (well except the above ... hehe) considering we are scheduled to move in about 3 weeks from now. :) We are mostly packed (the credit for that is going to my Super-Duper Momma) so that's gonna take a load off the truck of things to do.

 Our front room is getting pretty crowded with boxes. :I

  And it had been raining ever so much. The whole world has been drenched for days. :) Fine ... *rolls eyes* ... only one day. LOL!

  Anyway, I have had a little time for drawing so here are some of my little sketches. I have posted more on Brittany Ann's blog here.

The Violinist 

Sketch dump for a character I was creating ... :P
A fair tale queen ...

 Tootles all!!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013


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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Guest Post for Brittany Ann

  Please go and check out Brittany Ann's blog Daughter of the King. I have written a guest post for her and shared some of my drawings. :D



Sunday, July 14, 2013


 BAHAHAHAHAHA! You get ten bucks!

 Now start laughing. :D

 And to everyone else ... this is an inside joke between me and Storyteller. :D NO questions please.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

... And "wee,wee,wee, can't get up the doorstep!"

All right everyone get ready for a crazy, creepy, late-night post with no kind of pattern AT ALL!

 Here we goes ...

He is just too cute isn't he?!?!?!?!? I want him for a pet, and I will name him
Squishy, and he shall be my Squishy ... 


Oh, never in a million years shall I achieve those hair-dos ... oh, well.
Guess I will have to live with it ... 

And here a kitty with  BIG eyes because no can possibly not say he/she is not outrageously cute! 

And a Jane Austen cake. Come on, how cool is that??!?!?!?
The little quill pen is too cute ...

Red shoes ... because everyone must like red shoes ...

The dress below just really inspires me for some strange, demented reason ...
 the roses and vines are just so beautiful. The gathers up the sleeves are pretty also.

MUST, MUST, MUST try this ... have I told anyone that I am the world HUGEST Despicable ME fan ... ever?!?!?! :P

 ... It is SOOOOOOOOO fully adorable.

... I am fully serious about this my dad drove by the movie theatre and I saw the poster thing for Despicable ME 2 ... and, well, I screamed. 
And ... this lady was standing just outside and I scared her SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad. I was officially horrified after that ... wait, no! What would be officially horrifying is that if I could not go see the below in theatres.

All right, I'll stop! :D


 I just LOVE the minions ... SO MUCH! *sign*

Everyone start laughing if you have seen the trailer for Despicable ME 2 as many times as I have and know what they
these two are laughing at ... ANYONE?!?!?!?!??! :D

Ah, yes, we must not forget this. Ten bucks to the person who knows who she is ... hehe!

WOW! that was crazy!!!!! Hey, but I warned you guys. :D

We all have weirdness we have to share sometimes, and that is all right.

On a side note, however, let me say something else about Despicable ME ... (and, yes, this is really the last time I am gonna talk about it :O ) there is some crude humour in the first one (as I related above I have not seen the second one ... sadly :(  )  but they makers did not OVERDO the crude humour it.
And overall it is a very good movie for adults and kids. :D

Maybe I should just do a review. I think I will.

Fine I'm done now. :)

God Bless you all,

 ... Who you all may be thinking has LOST HER MIND!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jobs and "Oscar"

All right.

  So after I and my family took our WONDERFUL trip to Arkansas (which I told about in full here) my dad had contacted someone (actually two people) about a "potential" job, in the area we have been interested in. :D 

Random picture of my little sister ... she was
exited! :D
  I know!! So exciting.

  And, well, my dad met day before yesterday evening with the man he had been talking to. We all were praying so hard about this because we MAY be moving to Arkansas.

  I said MAY.

  Nothing is official as of yet, but after visiting there I and my family loved it SO much; the church we had the privilege (delightful privilege) of visiting was great as well.

  So about the job?!?!?

  Well, my dad said that it was a little different than what he had thought it was, but he is still VERY interested in it though. So ... I am not sure what is going to happen with that whole deal.
 (I am not sure about eh other job as of yet)

  But (strangely) I am not at all worried. Truthfully I am not. I am just going with the flow! :D I have been praying a lot about this thing though lately.

  Anyway. Would be so thankful if you guys would pray! Also I want to thank those who have been praying.You guys are awesome ... like chocolate awesome!!! :D

  All right on to something else. My little sister had been wanting a Dachshund dog for at least three years. Thing is they are seriously hard to find (especially when she wanted a FREE one ...  :D ) and she wanted a full blooded one ... and well today her wish came true. My Grandma called us up and told us about it, but we did not tell Lily anything about it. She was completely clueless, and her reaction was great!!!!!!! :D

  His name is Oscar (as in like the hot-dog brand). He is a dark brown and has already managed to lick my straight in the mouth. :O That was a shocker!! But he is really the sweetest thing ever and he is so cute and wonderful around kids. Plus he is housebroken and sleeps in I and my sister's room (that was interesting last night). Needless to say my sis is fully in love with him.

  I was happy-dancing about the fact she was not going to be crying for a dog anymore.
  She really had been so patient.

  Sooooooo ... I guess that is all for now.


Monday, July 8, 2013


My brother had his Birthday (well, actually it was July 1st)!! I cannot believe he is actually ten years old! It is so strange (a nice kind of strange I think) to see him growing into a Godly young man. :D

 I am very proud of him!!

 And, yes, he does look excited in that picture up there. Sorry for the bad quality but I was not the one who took it so it isn't my fault! :I hehe!

~ Abilaine

P.S. For those of you who don't know Abilaine is simply a alias I use for privacy. :) 
Also more posts coming up. I hope! LoL!

Monday, July 1, 2013

An Arkansas Trip

 Hello, hello, hello everybody!!! I am actually posting about I and my family's Arkansas trip ... imagine. :D

  Reason for me not posting this early is that it has been taking a while for me to get back in the normal routine and all, and also because my brother just had his tenth Birthday. :P

  All right, anyway, on with the show ... post, rather.

 So, we left out early, EARLY Saturday morning (five o'clock exactly). Strangely, all of us were a calm and cool group of sleepy, excited people leaving out in our twelve passenger van. Seriously, no one went back to sleep until around like seven maybe. My dad prayed that out trip would go well (no flat tires, or parking tickets, or ... KIDDING!! :P) and we were off for the great state of Arkansas.