Thursday, November 29, 2012

Scrumptious Blog Award


 I am in a very random mood today so I created the "Scrumptious Blog Award" for you guys. So here are the rules:

1:  When you receive the award you must post about it on your blog and leave a link to my blog.
2:  Answer all the questions to the tag below.
3:  Do not award anyone who has more than one hundred followers.
4:  Come up with ten questions for the tag.
5:  Keep your questions clean and refrain from using bad language. 
6:  Tag 5 to 10 people.
Just something random...
But don't you just love that movie!

Now for the tag:

1) Do you prefer your blog to have a rustic Victorian look or a more modern fun look - or does it really matter to you?
2) Tea (or coffee) or coke?
3) Would you rather attend a masquerade ball or just have your friend over for a sleep over?
4) When you think about the word "scrumptious" what comes to mind first?
5) Would you rather go to England or New York City?
6) A bun or a simple ponytail (do not answer this if you are a boy)? 
7) What do you think you look like (just give a quick summary of yourself)? 
8) What kind of books and movies do you like best?
9) A ten-course meal or a hamburger?
10)  Do you like tags?

I tag:

Poem Girl
Miss Elizabeth

(I'm pressed for time so I only could think of 6)

SIDE NOTE: If you have not followed Generation Gazette please do so here. It is awesomely ran by Storyteller and a few others that have just started to contribute to it (I am one of them).

God Bless you all,



  1. Thanks so much for the award!
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

  2. Did you get a new header?? It is really cute:)


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