Sunday, November 11, 2012


  Sorry for the horrid delay in me posting anything.
 I am having a very busy week. Full of fun and frolic.
  Easy enough to say I am stomped.

 So fall is officially here and I am fully excited. Cold creeps in everywhere now, and long sleeves feel great, and boots are so cool, and ... I'll just stop with the boots are cool. :)
  So here are some sweet pictures I found off Pinterest (yes, I pin) and they include of the following: old movie fan-girl antics, coffee, kitties, sweaters, and ME!


A must try

So want to try this some day


"Rub my tummy ... just rub my tummy!"

"Who ever woke me up is gonna die...!"

"I wuv you."

"Gaze into my eyes."


MoRe coffee

"We are siamese if you please..."

Sweet sweater

beautiful leaves



The BBC Emma 2009

This part is so good and I cry so hard ... 


So cool!

*SNORT*  Sounds like something she would say to Mr. Darcy!

And, yes, I am a crazy fan of the above movie. ;)



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