Monday, June 24, 2013

I Am Really Gonna Post Pictures!!!!

  Seriously guys and gals, this to Arkansas trip has been such a wonderful experience!!!!!! Everyone has been so wonderful and kind. 

  Never fear though .... will post when I am able to get pictures (and when I get home and all) and also tell you guys all about the trip.



  1. I saved your blog a few weeks ago after seeing it on Instagram. I had ZERO idea who the author was, but thought it might be good for the girls to see a homeschooler's blog. We are all laughing at this now. We had no idea it was yours!

    Valeria, Kristen, Brianna, and Taylor

  2. By the way, would you like to guest post on The Proverbs Family? I'd love to have a younger gal's perspective on things! We can promote your blog that way, too : )


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