Saturday, June 22, 2013

Arkansas, here I come!

 So I got up this morning ( at 5:00 ) and got dressed, and headed out with the fam .... And we are off to Arkansas!! 

  We have been going for about 5 hours, and been through 4 states so far ... We are driving, BTW! And it is so great and exciting. It is beautiful here and the weather is so much like my home state (won't tell for privacy)!

  More about our trip when I get some good pictures and I hopefully have WIFI! :}


P.S. The pic below is just something too funny I had to share with you all! Bhahahahahahahbahahah! *snicker snort*


  1. HAHAHA!!!
    Frodo's expression is so funny in that picture...I was giggling like crazy. :D
    Enjoy Arkansas!! :)

  2. Hope you have a great time!! :)

    bahahaha poor Frodo. :D


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