Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lake!! last one in is a stuffed goose =D

the lake/camp

 So, I am officially exhausted.

 Seeing I kayaked, swam, sang, laughed, watched movies, and ate wonderful food WAY TOO MUCH!! But boy did I have the most awesome time.

 At church the family who somewhat hosts an annual camping/lake party (won't state their name for privacy, but A BIG THANKS TO THEM. THANK YOU!! =D ) announced that they were going and all the church family was invited to come.

And I am so very excited I and my family did.

 VERY actually! =D

  We passed the family (I hope I don't seem rude saying "the family" but for privacy I will do it) on the rode and it seemed that they were having some trouble with their camper. Thankfully my dad had a little tire blow up thingy and helped with some tire trouble. Honestly I don't think they would have made it to the camp very well unless we had come along ... hehe!  My mom was thanking the Lord we came across them. :)

I and my sister and brother, Lily and Noah.

 So I swam. The lake was beautiful and the weather was great. I kayaked a bit with my siblings, and then with some of the older girls and my little sister halfway across the lake.

the whole group

 Then everyone got together and had some GREAT food. Got to know some of the girls my age about then, and we laughed over silly animal pictures from Pinterest and stuff. It seemed that they usually did a sort of video blog thing about the trip every time, so I had a hoot laughing and being crazy with them.

Roy Rogers ... :)

 They put up a big movie screen and played some good ole' Roy Rogers before we all gathered for Bible time and prayer. They were actually talking a lot about baptism seeing some kids who have been saved lately wanted to be baptised. Very happy about that. :)

 After Bible time, they stuck in a little Veggie Tales movie and the older girls got together for some music time. This I think may have been close to the best time I had. We all just sat around in one of their campers, laughing, and talking, and singing, and laughing again. Hey, what do you expect with a bunch of crazy teenagers. LOL!

all of us girls ... could not fix the red eyes.  :(
I'm in the left back corner. LOL!

 Had the best time!! And (seeing that the camping thing will be all week [and that we did not stay overnight last night]) I think we may be going back sometime this week. YAY!

So, overall it was a great, but exhausting afternoon and night. :P

God Bless,

P.S. Some random pictures I had not room for above. =D
And I blame my dad for the bad pictures ... hehe! JK!

my little sister,  Rebecka
the lake and the kayakers 

hehe! my cold little brother,  Seth Peter

Noah and his friend Joseph

Josiah my crazy brother

playing in the sand (my little sister Sarah)


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  1. I LOVE! I LOVE, LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!!! (from Wreck It Ralph) I SOOOO wish I could go kayaking! I have never gone. Ooohh the water looks so cool! I love all the pictures! And I am so glad you got to meet other girls your age! Yeah if I ever get together with girls that are like me, it turns into a wild day :P



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