Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Briella Attanasio

All right so I have this new idea for a book. I've actually started writing it just a few days ago so I am really excited about sharing it with you. So here is a little bit about it.
 The title of the first book is "Briella Attanasio  Agent: 128  Mission of Madness".

BTW, you pronounce Briella like this ... Be-ell-a.

About:  Briella Attanasio is a fourteen-year-old Italian girl in Jersey City, New Jersey. She moved there after her parent's death in Italy with her "nonna" (grandmother), her cousin Sofia, and her oldest brother Dante (which she had always disliked somewhat ), and her sister Rosa.
  Her sister goes missing and she learns that Rosa had become part of a secret service for the government in Jersey City and is offered a job to become a secret agent. Can she avoid her brother from finding her? And can she learn where her sister is in time and learn what God wants her to do with her life?

Here is a picture I created of Briella.
Oh, and Briella means ...
"God is my strength"
And of course some spy/agent stuffs.

Glasses that let you see behind you. How cool is that? 

An invisible ink pen that looks like lipstick.  



Had to post it.

The pen has a camera in it.

So neat and spy-like.

And of course a whole outfit thing for Briella from Polyvore.

I will be posting the first chapter tomorrow. 


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