Thursday, January 31, 2013

PLEASE READ ... if you want to!

Dear followers,

I have this problem. I am writing a book (it is centered around the time after the American Civil War and it is not exactly a romance, but sort of). Get it?! (:
All right so here is my problem. I cannot find a name - a last name - for the hero. But all I know it has to start with a "d". Just gotta start with a "d". And it has to be American-ish. 
Do you think you all could posibly give me some ideas?! I would completely grateful.

I'm gettng car sick (seeing I am typing this on our ipad in the car) so I guess that is all.
Luv ya'll!



  1. Duncan, Dillard, and Davella are some ideas!

  2. Brittney: Thanks Brittney! I love the name Duncan but in a book I love there is a guy in it who's last name is that. The other two are great!

    Jess: Love it! I know a guy who's first name is Dawson. :)


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