Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Please read Miss Elizabeth, Marissa, Storyteller, Emelie Claire, Britt, and Rose M. !

heheheheh ... e

1. Answer the 11 questions
2. Write 11 questions
3. Tag 11 people


1.Do you like to wear dresses or T-shirt and pants?

 Neither really ... I like the shirt and skirt thing. But I do like some dresses ...

2. If you were a book character and your name was Geranium what would you look like?

I would have red hair and freckles ... and I probably would be skinny!

3. If you were stuck in a locked closet and your family was out what would you do?

All right, I would do what Nancy Drew did in the first book when she was stuck in the closet. 

4. Are you listening to music right now and if so what?

I am listening to "Blind Endeavours" off the BBC Emma ... here is a clip to it here
and if you have not listened to it please do.

5. If you could do one of the following which would you do? Ride in a Helicopter, Be in a Movie, or Attend a Royal Ball?

Royal Ball but next would definitely  be be in a movie!!!!!

 6. If you were suddenly plunged into your own story what would you do first?

OH my gosh, I do not want to think about it!!!!!!!! I would freak out. My story I am writing right now that if I did anything I would mess it up ... scary idea! 

7.  Who would you like to meet Cathrine Weatherbane, Ariella Svane, or Rolic?

I guess Catherine.

8. What is your opinion of a room that glows pink because of the curtains? 


9. Do you wear jewelry?

Some times ... I like rings best though.

10. Are you learning any languages 

NO, but I am just dying to learn French.

11. And finally do you like brownies (random question :P)

random ... just random!
Are you kidding!?!?!?! YES!



Only could think of six seeing I am crazy rushed for time. Bye bye!


laugh ... just laugh!


  1. Great Answers!
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl

  2. Hahaha, loved reading your answers!

    God Bless!

  3. Thank u so much 4 tagging me! You are such a darling:)


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