Friday, February 1, 2013

Yet another epic Jane Austen film!!!!!

Just had to post about a new movie I and my mom have watched recently, and then again with my dad and younger siblings who kept calling all the characters names ... ones I won't repeat neither! HEHE!
  And what was this wonderful movie. None other than .........

The BBC 2007 Persuasion.  *EPIC*
Love, love, love this movie and I am going to be posting a review on it, too! :)
See ya'll later ... tomorrow ... maybe ...


  1. We are going to watch it tonight! Can't wait!

    P.S I love your new blog design! Its adorable!

    Emelie Claire

    1. Ah, you will luv it! Cannot wait for you to tell me what you think of it.
      It is almost as good as Pride and Prejudice. The BBC 1995 version anyway.

      P.S. Thank you very much. It is pretty much just a background. :)
      P.P.S. This is getting way too long ... A New Hope is blasting in our living room and Seth just starting yelling "Yoda! Its Yoda!". LOL!


  2. We just watched this movie awhile back..... really good! :)


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