Sunday, July 28, 2013


  No, not really. Hehe!

  Yea! I just saw Despicable Me 2!! With my sweet bestie (check out her blog here), and her sis and my sis - but (of course) we brought our dates ... a.k.a.  our awesome dads. LOL!

  It was the perfect sequel to the first Despicable movie. =D So perfect in every way!! I really suggest anyone seeing it if you have seen the first one. 

  And of course the minions were (almost) the best part in the whole thing. 
Besides the ending!!! *excited smile*

 And there is me and Marissa (my bestie)! She is on the left and me on the right. Note to self -- never take pics in a movie theatre. Hehe! 

  Thanks so much dearest Marissa. Had a blast with you guys.
  And a BIG thanks to my poppa for setting the whole thing up. :) Going to the theatre is something that is very rare for me or my family ... seeing I am a Christian most of the movies that play are not ones that I would go to see or even want to see. :)


  Had such a great time!!



  1. Awesome! Been wanting to see Despicable Me 2 for a while, glad I know you liked it! Loved the picture of you and Marissa! You guys both look so cute! Can't wait to see it!!!


    1. Isabella - Yea, I have been wanting to see it like ever since I saw that there was a second one!
      Thanks so much. :D

  2. Oh awesome =) I can not wait to see that movie! It looks awesome. Glad you got to go =)

    1. Brittney - Thank you. It is EPICNESS itself ... just sayin'! =D
      *goes to giggle over it in corner* LOL!
      Is "epicness" a word?!?!?

  3. I wanted to see that movie, but I haven't gotten to yet. :) Glad you got to!! :)

    1. Storyteller - Please do see it ... only if you have seen the first one. Because it won't much sense unless you have. :}

  4. I loved that movie soooo much, it was hilarious and really cute. I was like whoa this is better than the first one. the little girls were adorable. I loved it so much I saw it twice in theatres with friends :)

    1. YES! Another serious fan. LOL! I love it so much ... and the ending it just the most beautiful thing EVER! =D

      I think I may like it better than the first one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O And the girls were totally beautiful! Lucy was awesomeness ... hehe!

      Yea, I have been thinking about going a second time. LOL! And I think I just might for the epic funniness of it.


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