Monday, July 22, 2013

Moving and Whatnot

So for those of you who do not know yet ... we are moving.

Really, truly, and awesomely we are moving to Arkansas. :D *excited*

 I am so very elated about the whole deal. But packing everything up, and cleaning everything, and not getting a lot of free time (not even to speak about sleep ...) is a little trying on everyone in my family. Hey, at least we are getting through the whole thing without completely passing out. hehe!

My little sister got into the jelly (obviously)!!
  However, everything is going very, VERY smoothing (well except the above ... hehe) considering we are scheduled to move in about 3 weeks from now. :) We are mostly packed (the credit for that is going to my Super-Duper Momma) so that's gonna take a load off the truck of things to do.

 Our front room is getting pretty crowded with boxes. :I

  And it had been raining ever so much. The whole world has been drenched for days. :) Fine ... *rolls eyes* ... only one day. LOL!

  Anyway, I have had a little time for drawing so here are some of my little sketches. I have posted more on Brittany Ann's blog here.

The Violinist 

Sketch dump for a character I was creating ... :P
A fair tale queen ...

 Tootles all!!



  1. Congratulations! Here's hoping you have a successful trip and move and live in Arkansas happily ever after! :)

    1. Oh, well thank you very much. I am praying we will. :o

  2. YAY!!! Movie into a new house is so much fun! (Except for the packing/unpacking part :P) We just moved here in the beginning of the year, so yeah I know how it is to move and stuff like that :) Hope you have a safe trip!


    1. OH YEA! Know all about the packing. :( UGH! But really it hasn't been that bad (seeing my mom has done most of it ... LOL!) *guilty look*

    2. Hehee, yeah I totally understand :P


    3. Um ... did you subscribe to this post's comments?!?!
      Because you just answered that REALY late comment I made VERY quickly. :D haha!

  3. You're a very talented artist.

  4. Thank you so very much. You are very talented as well ... you can capture the medieval look very well. :D


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