Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jobs and "Oscar"

All right.

  So after I and my family took our WONDERFUL trip to Arkansas (which I told about in full here) my dad had contacted someone (actually two people) about a "potential" job, in the area we have been interested in. :D 

Random picture of my little sister ... she was
exited! :D
  I know!! So exciting.

  And, well, my dad met day before yesterday evening with the man he had been talking to. We all were praying so hard about this because we MAY be moving to Arkansas.

  I said MAY.

  Nothing is official as of yet, but after visiting there I and my family loved it SO much; the church we had the privilege (delightful privilege) of visiting was great as well.

  So about the job?!?!?

  Well, my dad said that it was a little different than what he had thought it was, but he is still VERY interested in it though. So ... I am not sure what is going to happen with that whole deal.
 (I am not sure about eh other job as of yet)

  But (strangely) I am not at all worried. Truthfully I am not. I am just going with the flow! :D I have been praying a lot about this thing though lately.

  Anyway. Would be so thankful if you guys would pray! Also I want to thank those who have been praying.You guys are awesome ... like chocolate awesome!!! :D

  All right on to something else. My little sister had been wanting a Dachshund dog for at least three years. Thing is they are seriously hard to find (especially when she wanted a FREE one ...  :D ) and she wanted a full blooded one ... and well today her wish came true. My Grandma called us up and told us about it, but we did not tell Lily anything about it. She was completely clueless, and her reaction was great!!!!!!! :D

  His name is Oscar (as in like the hot-dog brand). He is a dark brown and has already managed to lick my straight in the mouth. :O That was a shocker!! But he is really the sweetest thing ever and he is so cute and wonderful around kids. Plus he is housebroken and sleeps in I and my sister's room (that was interesting last night). Needless to say my sis is fully in love with him.

  I was happy-dancing about the fact she was not going to be crying for a dog anymore.
  She really had been so patient.

  Sooooooo ... I guess that is all for now.



  1. Wow! You might be moving?! That's so huge! I really hope that you guys get to do what you want:) That dog is sooooo cute!! I love Dachshunds!!! :)

    1. My fur nephew is the same breed, also named Oscar. So sweet!


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