Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Best Friend" August Photo Shoot

  So just before I and my family's move (which I will tell about in full tomorrow... PROMISE!!) I and my sweet pea of a bestie got together (actually I and my crazy siblings were being baby sat by her family) and we did a crazy funny photo shoot.

  And let me tell you, when you get a camera, two best friends, not to mention one of the best friend's absolutely AWESOME photographer of a sister (many thanks to sweet Emelie for doing it for us!) ... well, silliness ensues. :D

All right, that was the understatement of the century.

 Long story short (it [the story] really wasn't that long but it sounds so great when you type it in a post ... :D ) I had the best. day. EVER!

  So I am gonna share with you some pics I have snagged off her blog (our email is not working that great as of yet, and she probably sent them to me ... :O ) and edited.

  Love you Marissa!

  After we took the bottom pic up there we had a nice discussion of how I fall forward when laughing and she falls back ... now yah know you are besties when you talk about that.

 Walking down her BEAUTIFUL walk.

Laughing ... at nothing as usual! ;)

  AWE! Can she get coooooter then she is in the above pic?!?!?!????!?!?!?!?

 Yea, I look like I am gonna karate chop some one in the very bottom pic. *innocent look*

 Yes Marissa, wipe thy golden locks about in the breeze whilst I laugh about it.

Yes, if you care to now I felt much loved after that picture! 

Our hair is the same length!?!?!?!?

Well, technically it isn't. She hair is curly, and thus scrunches up more so it reaches much longer.
But I won't think about it. :D

Awwww, yes! Blondes and brunettes must always braid their hair together.
It is quite a must ... LOVE how the curls and the lighter colour in Marissa's hair stand out ...
we have our great photographer to thank for the idea of this. ;D

And my favourite for last ...

 See ya'll!

... yes, I need to change my sign-out button. :D


  1. LOOOOOVE THESE! Emelie is definitely an awesome photographer! Love this post!


    1. Thank you! I left a link to Emelie's blog ... go and check it out!

  2. Oh my gosh, that was hilarious/awesome/epic/amazing all at the same time!!! LOVE. <3 You guys remind me of me and some of my friends... we can get quite crazy... for no reason at all... that's when people start looking at us like we have elf ears... haha :D

    1. Well, thanks! We are crazy when we get together!!!! Am gonna miss Marissa so badly! :I
      hehe! loved the whole 'elf ears' thing. LOL!

  3. Oh!!! I love your captains with each picture!!!! Your so funny!!!! Oh I loved the edited ones and I am stealing them *Evil laugh*

    Love you!


    1. Yea, I'm so funny. LOL! You may steal them. hehehehehe!




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