Sunday, August 4, 2013

Despicable fan-art ... seriously! =D

 I have really fell into a rut here. I have been posting a lot lately. :D Which is a good thing.

 So took a quite jog this morning ... and I am even more sure it was invented to kill of the weaker specimens of mankind!! Hehe! Which is me! But mostly I was just thinking ...
 You know, all by myself. 
 I know I could just sit down and think all my life if I did not draw. Drawing just gives me an escape from the chaos -- lets me cool down and let out all the thoughts I have on paper. It lets me express myself better than anything else ... well, writing is a close second. :)

 It has been raining so much lately around here, so I have been having a lot of artist time (along with my packing for the move to Arkansas). I love long, rainy days!! I draw my best on them. hehe! So, day after yesterday, after my school was done, I made a cocoon of myself in my room and started drawing. 

 These are the first pics I have drawn from Despicable Me 2. Ever since I saw it last Sunday my inner FAN-GIRL cannot be contained anymore. Joking.

 So here they are ... hope you all (maybe) can tell me what you think! =D   *nods head and grins*

 I don't think any of them could be called "spoilers", but if you have not seen Despicable Me 2 or even the first one, and you don't really want to see anything that even might spoil it, DO NOT go on reading and looking at this post. I mean it!! 

*points finger at all you guys and gals meaningfully*

By the way, I did all of these freehand just with a few looks at pictures for reference. :)

Lucy Wilde -- end of story! Love her to death, I will have you know. =D 
Only she is the hardest cartoon character I have ever attempted to draw. She has very unique characteristics about her that are very hard to capture on paper. :)

And I LOVE how her ID is turned upside-down when she whips it out for Gru to see.
Her "oops" was EPIC! Hehehehehe! 

She is awesome.


Moving on.

Gru and Agnes (need to practice on her more...)
Agnes is SOOOOOO cute! 

End of the story everyone.

Yes, Lucy's weapon looks like a piece of cheese ... hey, I tried.  :D
It wasn't my fault ... Her heat ray kinda looks like a peice of cheese
when it is not colored. 
So there.

And, yes, I drew some more but I am not going to post them yet ...
Because some of you guys who have NOT seen the movie are looking at this post.



Hope you liked 'em!

~Abigail Elaine

P.S.  Do you think it is a good idea to start a blog just for my drawings ... Because I have tons I have not shown you guys yet. :)
Not meaning to brag AT ALL though. 

Tell me what you think.


  1. Wow! Those are awesome! Now I want to go draw! :P Yeah I haven't seen the second one yet, we were going to go yesterday to the theaters, but it didn't work out, so we're hoping to go next Tuesday. But yeah, I don't really mind spoilers, not sure why, but I will probably forget them when I get there :P I love your drawings! You did awesome on gru! Which would be hard for me to do. Nope that wasn't suppose to rhyme :P It might be a good idea to do a blog about your drawings, maybe someday we could do a big drawing blog and all the blogger/drawers could join the blog and we could have a HUGE art gallery! So yeah, that sounds fun! I think you should do that, I would love to see all your drawings!


    1. Thank you so much!! I would love to see some of your drawings. :) aww! I hoop you guys get to see it!! It was about as wonderfully funny and cool as the first me -- which is staying a lot seeing most sequels they make of great movies are bad or just plain boring!

      I CANNOT stand spoilers. I guess it has something to do with the fact someone posted a picture of DM2 (at the end) and I kinda knew what was gonna happen. Made me sooooooo mad!!!!! :( anyway. I did kinda forget about it when I was watching the movie. LOL!

      Thank you again. Hehe! Gru is actually really easy to draw ... And I guess the fact that I have watched Despicable Me 1 tons of times helps with drawing him better. Haha! Lucy is the me who is really tough to get down.

      OH MY! The blog idea about a bunch of blogger/artists doing together was awesome. Do you want to start it with me?!?!?!?! :D maybe?!?!?!

      And even if we did start a group blog I think I might do my own art blog. :)

  2. Love them!! They are SUPER awesome!! :)

    1. Thanks bunches!! I think all the characters in the DM movies are SUPER awesome! hehehehehe!

  3. Oh, my goodness girl you were born to draw these.
    They're sooooo awesome!!!
    Your Friend

  4. P.S. Love how in the last one Lucy's smiling and Gru is frowning emphasizing there almost oppositeness.

    And yeah I do think you should start a drawing blog...because I love your art!

    1. AWE! Thanks so much dear!! Seriously I think I am ... I have a very slight obsession of DM2! hehehehehehe! Been trying to make up little pictures I could draw for the last two days. LOL!

      Yea, I know! They ARE almost completely opposite -- Gru and Lucy are my heroes. LOL!
      I am working on some more DM2 fan-art.

      So glad you liked these.

  5. I have a dear family friend here in NW Arkansas who is planning to open an art gallery. I think you'd love her to pieces, she is just the most fun and exciting and happy person ever! So not the typical artist lol I bet she could be a great mentor. She's going to call the gallery God's Lil Painter : )

    1. Thank you Mrs. Young for telling me! I am very interesting in getting more peoples opinions of my poor little pictures. ;D

  6. Great drawings! *sob* I will never be that good! *Sob*


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