Thursday, August 22, 2013

UPdate on AR move

my great wall of inspiration ... actually I have
made several. I have the nook corner in I
and sister's room.
All right.

  Wow! I have been so busy lately. I guess that is expected though ... SINCE I AM MOVING!! hehe!

  Should say HAVE moved!

  But finally I have a little free time to post something. :D Basically little bits and pieces of some crazy things we have been doing here at our new home. And of course I will share some pics our our new house as well. Not very good ones though.

 Overall the move has gone really smooth and we are all settling in great. And out new church is incredible.
 In fact a bunch of the families from our church were at our house when we arrived. It was so funny and wonderful to see them all pouring out of the house (which they had already got into for us , plus had laid out Papa's John Pizza for us). We have truly been blessed, and I especially wanna thank the Young family for so much encouragement and funny times since we came here. ;D

 School has been going great. Started back on a usual routine Monday morning and everything seems quite homey again.
my little sis trying to fall asleep in the kitchen floor :D
  Plus the town we now live in now has like ... everything, right here. Our house is kinda in the city (actually it is in the city limits), but you really would never know it everything is so quiet. And there is a snazzy bunch of apartments buildings right across the street and I like laughing at all the plump VS. skinny joggers, and all the guys and gals walking their fat, lazy poodles. hehehehe! :)

  OH! and the library is HUUUUUGE!!!!!! and in the teeny-bopper section there is some chairs and tables behind all the shelves of irrational, trashes romances (which I don't read) so I can go, and draw in peace, and gawk at all the people passing by looking for books.  *evil laugh*

 Not true actually ... I am so terribly awkward and shy I cannot even ask the library ladies to help me find a section. LOL!
 And I know that really sounds very untrue seeing I blog such crazy wordy stuff ... but I one up differently when I am writing and drawing.

  But, in spite of my craziness, I have been enjoying everything immensely ... And I got this horrendous cut on my left hand's third finger. Cannot do anything worth while. And my poor right hand/arm is being used quite ill I shall have all of you know.  :) Now all of you must feel sorry for the poor Abilaine ... hehe!


... OH, and the house is HUGE compared to the one we left behind. :D  Not saying where we have left behind though. I have to have some privacy on the internet, don't I?!?!?! Not that anyone would stalk me or anything, but just saying ...


 Moving on ...

 So I'll shut up and give you some pics of the house.

hall view from just outside my room
the walls ARE NOT yellow, BTW! hehe!

front door (I was standing just inside the kitchen)

kitchen ... my sister Lily 
dining room

living room ... um, and don't ask about the orange bowl thing in the middle of the floor ...
LOL! We need furniture!!

back yard ... it is fenced in so that is good for my sister's little dog

 And I am very sorry if this post is getting out of hand with the Abilaine's craziness ... but I have been thinking, and ... well, I have decided to just be me on here.
 Sometimes funny, sometimes sad ... sometimes happy, sometimes just plain weird.
 Just write about ... me and my life.

(in a nutshell, RANDOMNESS INC.)

It's my blog after all.

Now all of you can go on your merry way ...

Phew! that was long.

Have a great evening/night all!


BE-DO! BE-DO! BE-DO!  ... hehehehehehehehehehe!

... yes, some of my fan art!!! Minion fan art!

There Marissa, I have now showed you it. You asked me to. LOL! :D


  1. Awesome!! =D lol love the minion. ;D

    1. Awe! Thanks. Needed that ... took forever to get right.

  2. Love the pics of your new house! Looks so very nice! SO happy for you guys.
    Give your mom a big hug for me. :)
    Rachel Ballenger

  3. Such a great house! That is a awesome Minion!!!!! Your so talented!

    Love you!


    1. Yea, we are so blessed by God!! LOL! Thank you very much. Was a pain to get right! :). Awe! You so silly ... But thank you so muchy!

      Loves back to you,


  4. I love your new house! I hope you all will be very happy there :) God bless!

    1. Thank you Grace!! We are all settling in well and we are all very happy! :)
      God Bless you as well.


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