Sunday, October 14, 2012

Best Friends Forever

  So many people take that phrase for granted.
 So will say that that person they are speaking about is their BFF and then when something happens to maybe hinder the relationship ... they never make things right.
  God willing, I will never do that.

 So here is a little thing I made up about what I think my friendship is with my BFF. :)

        Friends can be made every day.
          But true friends are rare to find, indeed.
        A true friend is someone who will make you laugh.
          Who will make you smile when things are bad.
         Who stick by you when you need them most.
           Who listen to your problems patiently ...
         And give their advise to you.
          Someone who will eat a whole Hershey's bar with you ... and get sick with you!  (true story)
         A person who is not afraid to to help you out of an embarrassing situation.
          A person who will joke that she(or he) will ride their bike to your house and spend the night     
         there ... even thought they joked that would throw your little sis out of her bed. :)

   I think (no, I believe!) that Marissa is my BFF. Because she has done all these things. So please go and join her blog here. She is awesome! :)


  1. Hey! Just wanted to let you know, i have not forgotten about the headers! I am still working on them!!!

  2. OMS How sweet and funny ......WOW AM Now I can't think of a post better then this to post about you! You are so sweet and loving and I love you BFF...............................I might need to hack your blog.....jk!!!!!!!!


    P.s. I am still full from that hersey bar!!!!!


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