Wednesday, October 10, 2012


  I am so cold! And that is so great.

 Fall is officially here and its time to crack out the s'mores! The hot chocolate! The warm fires! The awesome Christian Family Fellowship my parents host almost every fall. :)

  I have been awaiting this week for I don't know how long and it is here. It is so great to wake up and have to put on a sweater. Anyways.

  Our family and the Ballenger family (their blog is here) have made and directed a film for this event and all of the kids and teenagers stared in it. It is really fun to be able to see your cousins "all the time"
while you are filming a short , crazy film.

  And my BFF (in "real life"), Marissa, stars as the grandma. Yes, she is my age, but she did an awesome (cool) job. It is true gal!  *sends kisses to yah*

  So when we were filming this little movie I was able to get some great pics from "Behind the Scenes" stuff. And videos. So I am going to share them with you in this post. Here is the overall plot of the story:

  The dad (my dad =) ) and kids (our family and the Ballengers) are in their van going to Grandma's house. Earlier, dad got a call from Grandma. She said she was loosing her farm and she needed help.
  But on their way to her farm they pop a tire! What are they gonna do? :)
 They walk all the way to Grandma's farm of course! All night to be exact. 
  When they finally get there, Grandma meets them and gives them brownies (this was great part to film! LOL!). Then all the kids go out and dad talks to Grandma about her trouble. Turns out she is having trouble with her payments and the like, and she is going to loose her farm. Dad promises it help our as much as he can.
  Then he asks where he can possibly get a new tire and some gas. (you have to know that, Grandma, is old-fashioned and does not even have electricity and running water). (plus she lives out in the country, away from everybody)
  But as dad is leaning that he may have to walk to the closest filling station, two farmhands walk in. Celtis (the bad guy and the Ballenger's dad) and Billy-Bob (my brother). These guys tell dad that there is a filling station about three days form the farm.
  Dad and Grandma walk out to get the "bike" and Dad realises it is a rusty, flat tire kid bike. So he rides off to get the tire, leaving the kids in the hands of Grandma.
  That night Grandma tells the kids about a chicken that lays a golden egg every year! She tells them that when you get this hen and if you sing a special song, the hen will lay the egg. And the hen will lay in three days!
  Grandma is counting on that egg to  save her farm.
 But nobody knows that Cletis and Bill-Bob are outside the window listening! They sneak of to plan their evil plot of getting the egg. 
  But the kids see them as they sneak away. They follow he rotten hands and hear them plot. They sneak of to the other kids and they do a little plotting themselves. 

  Then the rest is the kids playing practical jokes on the farmhands trying to hold out until dad gets back. But they get caught by the bad guys, and dad (of course) swoops in to save the day!

  And the egg is laid and the farm saved!

 Slightly cheesy but very fun. And why do I think of Tangled when I think of the "special song". "Flower gleam and glow..." never mind.

  So here are some behind the scene pictures. Hope you enjoy.

 Billy-Bob fetching the...


                 What a joke!

Billy-Bob doing workouts.

There is always a smarter bad guy... in this case I would
say there are 2 dumb bad guys.  

Grandma and her "son" having a laugh. It is so weird 
to have my BFF call my dad "son"! LOL!

Filming. The lovely young lady in the pink top is our 
second camera man. Or should I say lady. :P

Filming again.

 The laughs never end about that bike. This is a great blooper picture.

Instructions and how to execute them.

Grandma sick of being Grandma for two hours.

Cletis being silly and Billy-Bob going like:
"What is this wall doing here...!"

Great! Billy-Bob has spotted me.


Yes, it looks like Cletis is beating his comrade in crime. I think he was just warming up
and trying to get the bad guy feeling going. I think...  I think.

Sneaky kids.

It is so weird having my brother stare at me that way.

  Resting after a long day of filming and watching other actors act out their parts.
  You would never know how hard it is to film a short film unless you actually did it. But nevertheless it was so fun and we all had a boll.

Our director playing camera man.

Resting... again.

 This was one of my favourite scenes. Apart from the one where my dad rode that kid "bike" down the rode.
  It was supposed to be that there was this chicken that got really mad every time anyone got near her. (yes, this part alone made the rating PG).
   So the kids got the bad guys to go into the barn with the chicken.
  It was so FUNNY!

Even Billy-Bob is getting sick of Cletis. LOL!

Lily(right) not liking the world and Marissa having the greatest time ever.

Checking out old scenes.

The golden egg. I did two because you never know when one is gonna go ...
cRaCk! I was in charge of this department.

"We are all tied up and cannot get out...!"

"Pity that."

The "bad" hen.


Left to right: Hannah(ballenger), Lily(day), My dad(little Beeda on his shoulders),
Noah(day), Allison(ballenger). Seth(day. the little guy), Me!(blue top), Marissa(ballenger),Sarah(day), Josiah(day. or Billy-Bob), Emelie( ballenger. pink top), Chase, Jessica(ballenger with little Blake in her arms),
and the Ballenger's dad... or Cletis.

The cast and crew! What a day of filming.

          =)          Z
         =)          Z
Z     =)
Z                =)


  1. AAAAAWWWWWWWWW Awesome post! You took some great pictures! LOVE YOU!

    Marissa : rename: Picture stealer! lol

  2. Awwww what a great post!!!!!! You did so well I just want to copy and paste this whole post to my blog! But that would be cheating...LOL

    I really enjoyed reading!

    Emelie Claire.

    P.S I agree with Marissa that you took some wonderful pictures!!!

  3. p.s. I can't wait for Saturday, and I'm loving fall, and last but not least.........did you get the pictures I sent of last night.?

    Love u <3


    Lalalalalalalalalalalala bored just kidding I should bed at least its not 12:p:m lol

    Bye gone gone bye


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