Thursday, October 18, 2012

I'm back

  Well, after a = long absence, I am back once more. A lot (and I mean "a lot") has been happening and truly I have just been very tired ... of life.  :)

 Anyway. A post!
Here are some random pics. Lets just say that I have had a pretty random week.
          Hope you enjoy.

Um... no this did not happen at our house!!!! LOL!

He he!

QUESTION: Do you like my new design?

One of my favourite movies. Really. 
"Its crazy, I know."

Laughs. Out. Loud.

I'm so witty!!!!!

Yes, indeed.

AHHHHHH! Don't you just luV this scene to pieces.

This guy plays in EVERYTHING!!! Literally. 
I just realised he is Legalos (from Lord of the Rings ... all three of them.
  Yes, I and my family are watching them for the first time ever. Creepy, but cool). 
And he plays Prince Albert on The Young Victoria.
And of course Wickam on Pride and Prejudice.

Hair how-to-dos!

Pure inspiration

P.S. The great thing is ... is that tomorrow is Friday!
*screams with excitement*


  1. Good to see you back!!

    Just a note, the actor who plays Wickham and Prince Albert does not play Legolas. That actor is Rupert Friend. The actor that plays Legolas is Orlando Bloom. They do look alike though, don't they!

    The LOTR movies are very well done, even though they cut out a lot of things from the books.

  2. Glad your back..........Cute pictures......Love the new design!

    Love you


    P.s. Did you send the letter yet? :P


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