Sunday, October 7, 2012

My other blog!

   So before I started this blog I wrote one on period drama, classic novels, and basically that was all. It was named Miss Emma Woodhouse. Inspired by Jane Austen's novel Emma.

  But I have changed the name and the theme. Also the overall idea of Emma is not there anymore. I hope you will check this new blog out. Right here. It is named "A Thing of Beauty" and I try to post things that give the thought of beauty. =)

  When I started that blog I wanted to only talk about Jane Austen. Anne of Green Gables. And other movies that have ladies in long gowns and men in top hats. Now I want to post not only about that, but also the most beautiful thing in the world. And that is the Lord Jesus Christ.

  For a while now I have been struggling with the assurance of my Christianity. My dad helped me more than I even know. I now am certain that the Lord is my saviour and lord. And I am more than willing for him to take the reins and lead my life.

  I just wanted to share that will you all. And please follow my new blog. :P
Thank you.

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